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You’ll have never felt something softer than our newest luxurious yarn; Scheepjes Bamboo Soft.

Soft and decadent with a gentle luster, Scheepjes Bamboo Soft has the ultimate drape and sensual touch, providing all knitting and crochet projects an unmatched elegance.

Thanks to a stunning blend of 50% bamboo and 50% cotton fiber, produced using recycled wastewater. Scheepjes Bamboo Soft is an exceptionally breathable and moisture wicking yarn that will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Scheepjes Bamboo soft has been created in a selection of 17 rich peacock colors, carefully chosen to complement each other perfectly when combined in projects.

Due to the inherent benefits of bamboo fiber, this versatile yarn is ideal for making beautifully soft, lightweight garments, wearable accessories and home décor projects with an added touch of luxury. It is particularly suited to lacework knitting or crochet and filet crochet techniques.

Why Choose Bamboo?
A) Besides the soft, luxurious touch of Scheepjes Bamboo Soft, bamboo fiber carries a world of additional benefits.

B) One of the softest fibers on the planet, perfect for those with a sensitive touch

C) Superior smooth drape

D) Highly moisture wicking, keeping you fresher for longer

E) Lightweight yet highly durable

But what about cotton?
When combined with cotton, bamboo fiber has even greater durability and strength, helping it to better withstand wear and tear and laundering. By making Scheepjes Bamboo Soft from a blend of 50% bamboo and 50% cotton fibers, we have combined the best properties of both fibers to offer you a premium yarn that can cater to the demands of modern life.

Our Logos Explained

  • By harnessing a 100% biological wastewater treatment approach in the production process of Scheepjes Bamboo Soft, wastewater from the production of this yarn is safely recycled and repurposed.
  • A vegan friendly yarn is one that contains no animal products or by-products. From the
  • Dyes used to color this yarn, to its 100% plant-based fiber, Scheepjes Bamboo Soft respects the welfare of animals and offers a high-quality alternative for all conscious crafters.


Fiber Content: 50% Bamboo Soft & 50% Cotton

Needle Size 1: 3 mm

Needle Size 2: 3.5 mm

Yarn Weight: Fingering

Ball Weight: 50 grams

Length: 150 meters / 164.04 yards

Gauge: 27 stitches, 33 rows to 10 cm on 3 mm needles