Show and Tell

Did you purchase anything from my website like yarns, kits, or supplies? Do you want to showcase the finished product for the others to see and admire?
If you answered yes, please send me a good quality picture, details about how long it took you to make your masterpiece / what you used from my website / what inspired you to create it / the story behind it, and I will post them on this page so THE ENTIRE WORLD can see the beauty made by your  hands.
Please send all submissions for this page to Also please let me know any personal contact info you would like me to publish, and it may appear on this page.



"My versions of Bizzy Crochet's Winter Lodge and Lumberjack blankets. While testing the pattern for her upcoming CAL, I used Scheepjes Colour Crafter for the Lumberjack and two cakes of Scheepjes Whirl, purchased from StitchedNaturally, for the Winter Lodge.pattern"

by  Theresa Pearson (California, USA)

My mom has dementia and really doesn’t remember me but she remembers the things I make her and when I showed her the Sophie’s Stool kit my mom lit up.  Seeing her joy makes it all worth while.  The stool cover and socks took just 2 weeks total to make [spread out over a month :) ]. It was so much fun to make that I’m going to do one for me too.
Submitted by Melissa Smith (California, USA)