Abby is our oldest daughter. She creates handmade items to help fellow crafters, in the creation of their arts. She is talented in the arts of spinning, knitting, crocheting, dyeing, sewing. Most of her creations are original designs. She is also a huge Sci-Fi fan, that leads to some of her designs.
She creates such things as the following:
A) Double Pointed Needle (DPN) Holders - used to help protect the progress you've made on some projects.
B) Crochet Hook Rolls - to help keep your hooks organized, and protected.
C) Knitting Needle Holders - also to keep your needles organized and protected.
D) Handmade 3 layer duck bill style facemasks with a pocket for HEPA filter and nose guard.
All items are handmade in her spare time, when not working her full time job at a local Craft Store. She uses her crafting experiences and ideas her customers suggest to inspire her ideas.
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