Appologies about my stock levels...

Now that 2018 is here, it's time to balance and close the books for 2017. 

Last month (12/2017) I ran a 40% of sale for the Holiday Season. there were 2 reasons for it. A) I wanted to help everyone save as much money as possible for the Holidays and B) also clear out as much inventory as possible by the end of the year.

A lot of people are asking when I will have things back in stock. Well, right now my husband and I are working on balancing the books, triple checking our inventory levels, and coming up with a plan of attack for 2018.

As soon as everything balances out, I will be restocking supplies and posting them on the website.

We are hoping to have this all completed by the end of January / early February. Unfortunately, It does take some time to get most the merchandise from the Netherlands.

I promise to get everything posted on the site as fast as we can. As things get restocked, there will be a banner at the top of my home page to let everyone know. Please check back often.

Also if there are any specific items you at looking / waiting for, please feel free to use the "CONTACT ME" links to send me a message. I will do my best, to do what I can.

Thank you,

Pamela Savoie